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All our Drone Academy Programs provide the necessary training for the certification of A1/A2/A3 Open Category (Drones with maximum take-off mass from 250gr to 25Kg) by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, according to EASA regulations and directives.

In addition to that, we provide specialized training solutions for various maritime applications, such as Aerial Inspections, Search & Rescue, Security, Anti-Piracy, and Situation Awareness Operations.



Special training in industrial grade drones, suitable for SAR, Security and Antipiracy operations, providing aerial support through advanced EO/IR sensors day and night!



Special training in industrial grade drones, suitable for inspecting the ship from the sky by capturing HD videos and pictures in real time, through integrated cameras that reach up to x200 zoom!

Maritime Applications

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Underwater Inspections

Enclosed Spaces Inspections

Special Inspections

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