Advanced Simulator Training


Unparalleled mathematical models and the latest techniques like gamification, virtual and augmented recreations, offer the most sophisticated immersive training solutions to prepare mariners for the real world that awaits them onboard.

Our Simulators are certified as Physical and Cloud-Based Online Installations



Our Certified Full Mission Ship Bridge Simulator (NTPRO 5000) enables training and certification of watch officers, chief officers, masters of all type of vessels and pilots in compliance with all the applicable requirements of the STCW 78/95 (including 2010 Manila amendments). Our Training Center offers a brand-new and the most highly realistic visualization system by WARTSILA. Our simulator, certified as CLASS A’ by DNV-GL, incorporates also all the latest available features, so we can guarantee the most reliable and up to date training for our clients.



Our Certified ECDIS Simulator (Navi-Sailor 4000) is fully compliant with all the applicable IMO, IEC, IHO and STCW requirements, incorporating all the latest performance standards for shipborne navigation equipment. By including an array of functionalities to support comprehensive ECDIS training, it provides a highly realistic environment, is flexible and scalable, and also provides customizable configuration. The user can be trained on the operational use of ECDIS with all the functions of an actual onboard system.



Our Certified Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator (LCHS 5000 TechSim) is intended for the training and practicing needs of all of the tanker’s personnel and liquid cargo terminal’s operators in the handling of any type of liquid cargoes and operation of the cargo-handling auxiliary equipment in accordance with the requirements of the amended STCW 78/95 (including 2010 Manila amendmends), MARPOL 73/78 and other International Regulations and Conventions.



Our Certified Engine Room Simulator (ERS 5000 TechSim) is intended for training and practice with Propulsion Plants, Electric Power Plants, Alarm Monitoring Systems (AMS), Control Monitoring Systems (CMS), Integrated Automation Systems (IAS), Boiler Monitoring & Control Systems (BMCS), auxiliary systems, equipment, units and machinery of various types of vessels including those of LNG Carriers. The training is delivered in accordance with the amended STCW 78/95 requirements (including 2010 Manila amendments).



Our Certified GMDSS Simulator (TGS 5000) provides either in stand alone or network mode, a precise simulation of actual GMDSS equipment to train and assess the competency of ship’s specialists for General Operator Certification (GOC) and Restricted Operator Certification (ROC) in accordance with the amended STCW 78/95 requirements (including 2010 Manila amendments). It accurately imitates actual ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications by using highly realistic simulated terrestrial and satellite communication systems.