Maritime Cook Islands
Maritime Cook Islands (MCI) is a corporate entity responsible to provide internationally compliant services for Ship Registration, Survey and Certification, and Seafarer Training and Certification. The Seafarer Training & Certification Department of Maritime Cook Islands is responsible for the implementation of the STCW across the Cook Islands Ships’ Registry, in ensuring that all seafarers serving aboard Cook Islands vessels are appropriately trained, qualified and certified in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the amended STCW Convention.

ALS Hellenic Maritime Training Center proudly carries the Authorization by the Maritime Cook Islands, thus providing endorsed certification of training. Our Maritime Training Institution has been fully accredited by MCI to implement the updating or upgrading procedures for the issuance of Certificates of Competency (CoC), Certificates of Proficiency (CoP) and Continuous Discharge Certificates (CDC). Applications for Cook Islands for CoC and CoP are accepted for seafarers who have completed training at a Cook Islands approved Maritime Training Institution. Within this perspective, our Institution granting the intended Certification by MCI, delivers all the STCW courses designed for Deck/Engine Officers and Ratings at the most competitive prices in the market. Also, our MTI operates under ISO 9001:2015 approved by Bureau Veritas and accredited by UKAS.

Aligning with MCI’s commitment to safe and secure shipping on clean oceans, our MTI offers the most competitively priced range of comprehensive functional, technical, management and MLC courses needed to upgrade the knowledge, skills and competences of Seafarers, all whilst maintaining compliance with the amended STCW ’78 (including Manila Amendments 2010), SOLAS, MARPOL 73/78, and MLC provisions.

Our goal
ALS HMTC’s major effort is to promote maritime safety, security and environmental awareness by providing maritime career-oriented education to Seafarers leading to Certificates issued by White List Member States of the amended STCW Convention. Needless to emphasize that the holders of Certificates issued by the Maritime Cook Islands have a great opportunity in joining vessels which are entitled to fly Flags serving merchant shipping globally.